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How To Get A Job On A Super Yacht.

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Work on a super yacht

So you have decided to let go of your tiresome Monday to Friday 9 am - 5 pm job in search of a new and exciting life that offers SUN, FUN, and TRAVEL.

Working on a Super Yacht can offer you:

Worldwide Travel... to some of the worlds most glamorous and exotic destinations.
All your living arrangements paid. Food, Accommodation, uniforms and toiletries
A fantastic salary that is tax-free
Excellent tips
Some yachts offer, up to six weeks paid vacation with a return flight home.
It is also hard work demanding:
Long hours from you
Uncomfortable situations (if the seas are rough)
Personal control (living and working in confined spaces test many people)

Finding work as crew on a yacht can be a little daunting. so here are a few tips to help you on your way.

Before you leave home, check that you have a valid passport with more than 2 years validity.
Check that you have the relevant visas needed for the US and Europe.
Choose the time of year wisely, the yachting industry has 2 leading season, the Mediterranean season and the Caribbean season.
Position yourself for the Mediterranean season in Antibes (France), and Palma de Mallorca (Spain around April/May
Position yourself for the Caribbean season in Fort Lauderdale around October/November.
Now lets look at your Resume. Check that your details are correct and up to date, and with no spelling or grammatically errors. Click Here! for helpful tips on how to build the perfect resume.
Send your CV to the crew agents below and make contact with them. They will ask to meet you , so make sure you are well presented.
Now that you have sent your CV off and met the crew agents, get out there and start talking to people! A lot of jobs come about by word of mouth
Start walking... yes get out onto the docks and ask the yachts directly... that may sound like a horrible prospect, but you will be surprised at how friendly people are.
Stay motivated... and Good luck!

For more helpful tips, look at the following resources:
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To see the comprehensive list of crew agencies, please visit: