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Have you ever wanted to work on a yacht? Get paid to sail around the world? Get a cruise ship job? This site is a growing resource of links and information about working on boats!

Boat Jobs, Yacht Jobs, and Cruise Ship Jobs

If you have professional crew experience and are looking for a yacht job, please submit your resume/CV with the Yacht Crew Resume Submission Form.
If you are looking for a job on a sailboat or motor yacht, check out the yacht jobs page. If you are interested in cruise ships then check out the cruise ship jobs page. If you want to post in the discussion section, please visit the yacht crew forum. Use the form in the sidebar to register and login to the site. Hope you enjoy the site and find it useful. See you in the crew forum. Don't forget to upload your photo...

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Work on a Boat, Yacht, Sailboat, Cruise Ship

Jobs on Boats, Yachts, Sailboats, Cruise Ships

Have you ever wanted to work on a boat? Get paid to sail around the world? Get a cruise ship job? Work at a boat show? This site is a growing resource of links and information about working on boats.

You can now post your free advertisments for boats or crew on our new crew lists. Upload your photo and resume to the new forum and network with other people who work on boats!

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Get a job on a boat and see the world...

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Help starting up

Hello all,

I am looking at going to work on chartered yachts in the new year and need as much information as possible. I have lots of questions if anyone can help.

Where is the best place to move to to try and get work?
Should I pre book into a hotel or see how I go and how long for ?
Do I pack a suitcase when I go or just take a bag ?
Are there any agencies that can help me secure a job before I go abroad?
How long will is it likely to be until I find a job?
How do I go about handing out my CV's?
Is there man bars or jobs to get broad in the mean time to keep money coming in ?

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Libyan Sea, Crete

Here is a photo of the Libyan Sea from Crete, Greece.

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How To Get A Job On A Super Yacht.

Work on a super yacht

So you have decided to let go of your tiresome Monday to Friday 9 am - 5 pm job in search of a new and exciting life that offers SUN, FUN, and TRAVEL.

Working on a Super Yacht can offer you:

Worldwide Travel... to some of the worlds most glamorous and exotic destinations.
All your living arrangements paid. Food, Accommodation, uniforms and toiletries
A fantastic salary that is tax-free
Excellent tips
Some yachts offer, up to six weeks paid vacation with a return flight home.
It is also hard work demanding:
Long hours from you

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Work for free up to 6 weeks on a sailboat for experience deckhand/Chef.

I am ASA101 & 103 certified,Chef,and Certified Diver. I work for a brewery in Colorado and have a 6 week sabatical I need to take before the end of 2014. I am open to destinations, time of year, and type of boat.
I am 42yo and keep in great shape as my other passions, Elk hunting & Skiing, demads are grueling at 10,000+ft.
I have also been EMT certified but my certification has expired.

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Key To Quay - Yacht Concierges - French Riviera

Hi Everybody!

Welcome to our blog!

Key To Quay is a Yacht Provisioning company based in French Riviera,
I'm going to share our experience with you during the all summer season.
Also if you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us we are on standby ready to help you have a smooth and relaxing time on the Mediterranean.

I hope you will enjoy.

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Another Job Scam: Morgan Oil Ghana Ltd.

Here is another job scam to beware of:

Dear Applicant.

[NOTE: This is a scam.]
Morgan Oil Ghana Ltd is seeking energetic, self-starters for positions which includes:

Rig Engineers,Welders,Plumbers,Riggers,Customer Service,Technician Derrick Man,Trainees,Project Manager,Rig Supervisors,Log Analysts,Mud Loggers,Drilling Consultants,Computer Operators,Nurses,Doctors/Medics Etc.

Experienced is required but we are willing to train all workers without any drilling experiences upon their arrival in Ghana.

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Another Job Scam

Warning, it appears that a new jobs scam is going around yacht job websites.

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Hi I'm a fit and healthy male, an experienced SAR Coxswain and work boat master looking for a full time job for an ethical employer that would benefit from a highly competent and motivated individual. Many references available.

I am used to working shifts and back to back. All tickets including discharge book. I'm British and a UK resident.

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