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New York and International Maritime Lawyer Tim Akpinar

Tim Akpinar is located near New York Harbor and provides marine legal assistance and services for commercial seamen, paid and unpaid yacht crews, as well as the recreational boating and diving community. Tim handles collision, marine salvage, accident, injury, and Jones Act matters arising on the coastal and inland navigable waters of the United States as well as offshore international waters all over the world. Tim represents paid and unpaid yacht crews and other maritime workers as Jones Act seamen. This includes commercial fishermen, workboat, tugboat, towboat, riverboat crews as well as officers and crews of deep sea ocean going passenger ships, cargo ships and brown water mariners. Tim represents shore side maritime workers and non-maritime personnel as well.

Tim handles contract, warranty and other general legal matters related to commercial & recreational vessels. This includes breach of contract issues over employment agreements and disputes arising from shipyard repairs and services. Tim is available to resolve conflicts through litigation, arbitration or mediation, based on the nature of the situation. This includes property, cargo, and general maritime casualty claims stemming from collision, interpretation of rules of the road (collision regs), fire, explosion, flooding, and sinking. It also includes marine salvage cases where a vessel owner and towing company disagree as to whether a given service was towage or traditional marine salvage.

Tim is a licensed engine room officer with an unlimited horsepower rating, having studied marine engineering at a state maritime academy. He grew up on small boats since he was twelve and has been the owner of several sailboats and powerboats throughout his life, having experience in racing and cruising. He belongs to the Association of Trial Lawyers of America, Society of Naval Architects & Marine Engineers, and Maritime Law Association United States.

Tim Akpinar provides personalized service and aggressive advocacy. As a former merchant marine officer who understands the hardships of working at sea, he is ready to fight hard for the rights of yacht crews and other commercial mariners.

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