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We had been on EuroRail and we had been to Gold Coast. Lot of trips to The Oriental. So, this time we decided to do something more exciting. Bob was keen on a yachtcharter to Greece. I said why not. And believe me it was one of our best trips ever. Us, the sea and lovely feelings. Couldn't have asked for more.

pls visit us for more details

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hard working guy is looking for a job

A non-smoker, single, hard working, ambitious, enthusiastic, excellent time keeper , well organised and good team member. I am seeking employment aboard where i would be welcome and can help support a great crew and i am willing to work hard and would love to learn as much as I can.
It would be nice enjoying the social side, & the helping & compromise with others. Meeting new and interesting people, and being part of a team/family within a crew, obviously always having safety uppermost, and the factor of everyone 'working' together for all to enjoy to the full and endure fantastic experiences.
That wow feeling of waking day or night, going on deck & having the sea surrounding I could never get enough of. Preferring the outdoors in any weathers, I do not mind any sailing conditions, day or night. Being on a boat or in a sailing environment brings out the best in my personality, and I am always at my happiest. If you need more information about me please contact me at my email

thanks for your time