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Cruise jobs

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I've spent 7 years onboard cruise ships, Disney and Princess.

Anyone need help finding out how it is?

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Job on a Cruise Ship

Yes I am very interested. I am transitioning from the CG to Civilian life and looking to work on a cruises ship. What is the industry like. I am interested in a Assistant Manager or Manager position. What can you share?

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I've been working on smaller

I've been working on smaller cruise ships but I am very interested on big cruisers.How can I get an offiser position on such vessels?I have a licence, years of experience and I am not a British or American, like most of officers are on those ships.
My e mail address
Please give me some hint how to apply directly.
Thank you!

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Looking a job on a cruise ship or boat

Do you have many worker from abroad?
How difficult is for me from Estonia to find a job for example as a barmen or waiter on the Disney or Princess?

Best regards

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I am very interested in

I am very interested in finding out more about how to get this type of job. Please let me know!

Jonathan Duarte
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Seeking Shipboard Managers

Hello Everyone!

I am a Management Shipboard Recruiter for Royal Caribbean Ltd. We are seeking talented folks to join our growing family! We are currently recruiting for various vacancies ranging from Hotel Directors, to Human Resource Managers, to Executive Housekeepers, & beyond! To view a list of our current vacancies please visit our careers website at:


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Require an IT Job Onboard Cruise Ship


It has been 2 years now since i have started my hunt for a Cruise ship job in IT Systems dept but have been proven to be a waste of time. I tried getting in touch with many agents by paying them hefty fees without any results. Can anyone in this forum help me out with any information on getting a job onboard a cruise liner, as i feel.....not only feel but am confident that my experience and expertise are good enough ....can anyone help me out to end this frustation pls.

Thank you in advance

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IT System Jobs

Hello Jonathan,

I would be interested in applying for IT System positions on board your Cruise ship. With my more than 10 years of progressively responsible experience, I offer a distinguished career earmarked by accomplishments in leading and Managing information-technology operations across broad disciplines, including hardware, software, production support, project management, Service delivery, customer satisfaction, vendor relationships, strategic planning, staff development, promoting change and improvement, and technology implementation.
Also just incase my inexperience in Crusie industry might be a negative area ,i would like to offer my services free for a month or so prove my ability and expertise to gain my employer confidence in me.
I’d like to call you to discuss adding value to your firm as I’ve done for my previous employers. Should you wish to reach me, please call +91 9833942140 or e-mail me at I appreciate your consideration.

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Cruise Ship Jobs

Have you tried contacting the cruise lines directly? Their websites usually have a link with information for people who want a job.

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Yes i had send e-mails

Yes i had send e-mails multiple times but havent received and response from any of them. Should i call them personally or e-mail would do. Also i have seen multiple times that the local agents here prefer there own candidates which is a real demotivation. Please can you guide and assist me on this.


Robin Ward
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I have been trying like mad to get aboard a ship. What can I do to boost myself into a position? By the by, I am a massage therapist.

Anna Nagele
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looking 4 work

any one looking four more crew on a boat ore assistant dive instructor ?
Please let me no of any one has a job 4 me . promes be a haard worker and motivated...

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World trip

Want to be crew: Contact for more info.

Information about the 2010 journey to Asia:

The yacht is a 50 feet (14,9352 meter) Bavaria with 3 dobble kabins and 2 berth kabins. 3 toilets with bath, salon and pantry. The yacht is equipt with all security and navigation installments (Radar, GpS, Echo-sounder, Auto-pilot m.v.) and is in generel a very safe and automatic yacht.

On the journey through the Mediterranean, the På turen gennem Middelhavet, Caribbean and the Pacific ocean and to our destination it will be possible to diving. During the journey it will be possible to visit smaller and larger habours and to take a hike around when its possible. It is not possible to predict accurate where we will go ashore and anchor, but it will be a part of the journey to harbours as often as it is possible and in speciel situations. There will be many night sailings. During the journey it will be possible to look closer at the stars, see speciel moon views and to see sun-rise and sun-sets.

The journey will take approx. 7-8 months. The journey will start from Split, Croatia around the 20th. October 2010. before the journey starts the crew will go through a course on how it is to be on a yacht for a longer period. (if never tried before) and a course in sailing this yacht. The yacht will sail manily by sail but is able to pursue by engine on schedule. The yacht is made of strong glassfiber has an TMD 22, 78 HK Volvo Penta engine and is well equiped. Among security equipment there is a safety raft for 10-12 persons plus a rubber dinghy with outbound engine. (see below for our minimum equipment list).

The journey is on a share basis which means that we share the economically expenses in accordance with the principles of Danish Ocean Cruising Association which is total (basis contribution: maintenance, insurance, parts, etc. plus: food, fuel and beverages etc.) between USD. 1000-1500 per month depending on expenses, amount of crew and how long time you are crew onboard Veritas.

On the journey we will try to be concerned of all crew needs, individually and in generel. As so it will be possible to have privacy and if possible to leave the yacht for some time and return later in another harbour.

Information to assist crew to find a berth on a cruising yacht

Paying crew:
Anything more than crew paying for their equal share of onboard food/drinks, visas, etc., is a commercial venture with serious insurance, legal and liability implications. Expecting crew to pay towards any boat expenses (i.e. fuel, marina charges, boat levies, maintainance, etc.) makes that crewmember a PAYING crew/guest/passenger - with the relevant consequences.


Almost cross the world:

We are sailing from Split, Croatia Westward on the 20th. October 2010. Are you interested being crew member. For further info write to

Journey 1: Around 20th. Of October: Veritas leaves Split, Croatia and goes through Midterranean a month till end November2010.

Journey 2: Mid November: To Canarian islands and Cape Verde and cross Atlantic at the end of November2010.

Journey 3: Start mid. December 2010: Around Caribbean for 4-6 weeks.

Journey 4: Start mid.February2011: Goes through The Panama Canal into the Pacific to Galapagos, Marquesas, Tahiti, BoraBora and Fijii etc.Towards Torres Strait-Australia.Start/mid.

Journey 5: May/June 2011: Torres Strait/Papua New Guinea etc.towards Siam bay near Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam July/August 2011.

Further information on email:

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Looking for crew members for help with the Bachelor's Degree

Hey guys,
I'm a student from germany and i'm currently writing my bachelor thesis.
It is concerned with the retention of cruise staffs. Please help me filling out this questionnaire.

It takes you only a few minutes and you just have to klick on the answers. It's absolutely anonymous. You would do me a great favour. Thanks a lot and wish you a great time on board.

Ahoi! Christin

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Looking for job

Im Looking for a job on cruise ship, because i very want to travel and gain more experience. I'm not even was anywhere abroad other than neighboring countries. I have a lot of experience in the casino area, i was 4 years dealer and one year pitboss now i,m club poker inspector. I was second in the Lithuania dealers Championchip. I very want to work on Elizabeth II casino. :)