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Captain needs help

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Captain needs help. Semi-retired and partially disabled OLD Executive with Capt.'s license needs younger and able First Mate/ Asst. Captain for his own 2003 60 ft. twin diesel M/Y. Will be quite a bit of cruising, If you have computer skills and other abilities it could be a full time job with travel as assistant. It might also be part time in Bradenton/Palmetto if you're not able to travel.

Job includes maintenance, piloting, fooling with immigration in foreign countries, finding sub-contractors to improve (or repair) the boat and usual requirements to assist a Septugenarian with bad arthritis. Sense of humor and adventure required. Some fishing, mostly partying. Job requires the ability to be bonded (no record). NO DRUGS on pain of Keelhauling. Owner /Captain has over 50 yrs. experience but not fully physically able. SMILE and reply to

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yacht capitan

my name kansu 29 years old ı worked 4 years onboard ıf u need u can call +905439135336

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Hey there im a young strong

Hey there im a young strong worker in the tampa bay area. i have all of my merchant mariners documents my twic card and i am stcw certified. I recently worked for dann ocean towing for about 7 months and i'd love to get back on the water if your intrested you can reach me at 813 892 7749. thank you much ricky reed.

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Hello fellow Cpt.

I am interested in the position of Assistant Captain. Along with my nautical experience and knowledge of marine systems, I also have experience as a nationally registered Paramedic with field experience. I also have experience with working with the disabled and recognize the "thinking beyond the label" philosophy as one of adaptive actions. I do not do drugs nor do I wish to be keel hauled nor flogged : ). I do enjoy a good time though and do not feel that I am a stick in the mud.
If you are interested I have posted my basic material on this site. I can provide verification references and a list of Vessels operated.
Lookin' forward to cast off lines at your command.

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captain needs help

hello, my name dario rios
country argentina
professional yachtmaster
full stcw95

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Help is here

I was inquiring about the position. I am a 30 y/o female with no experience but an eagerness to learn. I am ready and looking forward to travel anywhere, anytime. I do have basic computer skills. But best of all I have an easy going, fun personality. I love to laugh and make everything a good time, even work. I am also a florida licensed Acupuncture physician so I can help with your arthritis. :-)
Now, I am also a single mother with a 9 year old boy whom I am eager to have learn to sail and travel that I would have to have with me. I'm looking to road-school him and teach him by showing him the world.

I am looking forward to conversing with you.

Thank you kindly. Smiles

Oh, I tried replying to the email address you listed but it came back with a failure notice?