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You won't be dissapointed !

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Sandi Ozolins
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Joined: 1 Jan 2007

Hi !myname is Sandi...and I love the sea!
I am a young 44 year old young single woman with a giant desire to change my life's path to work and live on the sea. I have had a career in management with United Parcel Service for 11 years. I understand how dedication-hard work-and desire are important ingerdients to success.

I have zero ties to the land, and I am able to put forth the commitment of time needed for a career on the ocean, and all it has to offer.

You would not be dissapointed in your selection of me as I hold my personal and professional personality to very high standards.

I have always been able to perform at 100% plus in any project I put my mind too. I am able to bring to the "table" a list of qualifications that include detailed-organizatioanl skills; integrity; loalty; the ability to work as a team member; dedication; and with a work ethic that is second to none and has been instilled in me from a very young age.

Unfortunately I feel I have started this search of life on the sea late in life...but possibly my life experience needed to come this far to make it possible.

I look forward to hearing from anyone who is interested in building a team of committed personnel.

Thank you for your time-

Sandi Ozolins