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mercenary chef

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i am a very creative professional free lance chef, hungry for challenging hard work and adventure. i am well traveled, cultured, and open minde.i do have yacht experience, and over 20 years cooking in fine dining establishments from costa rica, alaska, hawaii, bahamas, to wyoming. please give me a call i am ready!


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Hi, what are the requirements

Hi, what are the requirements to working on a boat as a chef, i've been a chef for 7 years and I was travelling last year, and I wanted to return home on a cargo boat, but i found that they wouldnt let me work for my ticket.

Since i've been back i've created a catering forum, for people who work in the catering industry. Check it out, you might find a couple of jobs on there which you may like. Also i'm trying to target managers of restaurants and bar tenders to join up, if you know any, let the know