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smart, intelligent young female, oahu HI, seeking position for knowledge, experience,

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Aloha from Oahu! I'm an energetic person looking to take my boating skills to the next level. I have excellent people skills, very responsible and always eager to travel! Versatility enables me to adapt to any job from secretarial to manual labor and I don't believe in limiting myself to one trade. Feel free to email me for resume and excellent references. Currently resident of Hawaii and can do work inter-island or as live aboard. Mahalo!

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Fancy a sail?


How's things? My boyfriend and I are sailing from
the Maldives to East Africa (Djibouti), through the
red sea (via Egypt and Jordan at the very least!),
through the Suez canal and into the Med, starting
BEGINNING OF MARCH...we have a lovely, homely 40ft
steel sailing boat (cutter)...please visit if you're interested in
more info...

We're pretty easy-going people (German 34 yo and
English 27yo), like meeting new people, having
adventures, talking, reading, cooking, music,
surfing, diving, etc. He has alot of sailing
experience, licenses, insurance, etc. No drugs, but a
healthy addiction to star-gazing and discussing the
next hairbrain scheme...We're looking for at least
one other person to join us to divide up the
nightshifts. Idea is for all living costs (food,
etc) to be split equally.

Please let me know if you're interested and have
questions, etc.

Thanks, Take care,

chloecs80 AT