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Richard Thornton

Ph +61429385055


DOB: 25/10/1972

Passport current (Australian)

I would describe myself as a laid back, easygoing person who is willing to put his hand to any job.
Currently located in Lunenburg Canada sailing a 42ft schooner around the world. Prepared to leave vessel at port to work.

• Water sports
• Traveling
• Outdoor activities
• Adventure
• Sailed solo ocean crossings

• Jack of all trades

• Electrical Trade (3 ½ yrs, 1990)
• Master Class V (3/9/2003)
• Skipper 3 200nm limit (3/9/2003)
• STCW95 (September 2006)

Employment History

• Fishing industry: - trawling [East coast Australia] - long lining [East coast-lord Howe Is.-Norfolk Is. along seamounts] - beachdemuir and cray diving [Torres strait]

• Tourist industry - Mate aboard 90ft Indonesian Prow [gaff rigged topsail ketch] chartering from Cairns –New Guinea and around Milne Bay province, Trobians and Misima (8 months) - Engineer aboard 80ft dive boat chartering from Brisbane- Vanuatu Port Vila- Misima -Banks Torres group (3 months). – Skipper aboard 30ft sloop day charters along the Eastern Seaboard of Australia (1 year)
• Boat Delivery- 1st Mate aboard 300ft Container Ship ‘Cotswald Prince’ [Launceston Tasmania to Mumbai ship wrecking yard], duties onboard: including ships electrician, engine overhauls and maintenance as we had a minimal crew and because of poor condition of vessel (3 months 2004)

• Salvage - raising of 84ft long-liner (1 month) - raising of 30ft sloop (2 weeks)

• Marine refits- at least a dozen fishing and tourist boats – duties: electrical, painting, engineering.

• Slipway Hand- duties: towing, slipping, painting of vessels (Lovette Bay Boatshed- Sydney) (8 months)

• Mate aboard Tugboat Brisbane River Q-Port Marine Services (3 months)

• Marine Electrician- Fleet Marine Electrical (8 Months)

• Engineering for Brisbane Enterprises duties: machine maintenance and engine rebuilds (2 years)

• Captain Trevor Witherall (+61437212343)