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Have you ever wanted to work on a yacht? Get paid to sail around the world? Get a cruise ship job? This site is a growing resource of links and information about working on boats!
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crewing to the Philippines

I have 20plus years sailing experience, but I have never made a crossing. I want to travel to the Philippines this fall(o6) by sailboat if possible. I can cook, sail, navigate, clean, do teak, deckwork, add to the purse, whatever it taakes to get there by boat!!! I don't want to fly again!!! My family lives in Negroes Occidental and if I can get close, it will be worth it!!! I'm an avid sailor. Sa

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Looking for boat work in Ft. Lauderdale

This was posted by Kylie Wilson. I had to move this post here from another section of the web site, so it appears posted under my name:

I am going to be in Fort Lauderdale in October and will be looking for work on a yacht.
I am 28, Australian and have extensive waitressing/bar tending experience (ie. 8 yrs). I am a hard worker and understand the need for good custoner service.
Please contact me if you would like further information.

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Get a Job on a Yacht

Ever wanted to sail around the world for free? Or even get paid to work on a yacht? There are two main types of boats that you can work on:

  1. Sailboats
  2. Motor Yachts

Working on a sailboat or super yacht can be an exciting job. It is a great way to see more of the world.

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Get a Job on a Cruise Ship

Work on a cruise ship

Many people have a dream of working on a cruise ship. Hours can be long and the work can be difficult. If you would like to share your experiences about working on a cruise ship, please use the link at the bottom of this page to contact us. More information about working on cruise ships can be found on our cruise ship page.


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Crew Houses and Crew Accommodation

Crew houses are similar to hostels, but they specialize in providing inexpensive accommodation to people who work on yachts and other kinds of boats.

Crew houses can be found anywhere there is a lot of yacht work. There is an especially high concentration of crew houses in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Crew houses range in quality. Sometimes you will share your room with other people like in a youth hostel.

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Get A Job On A Boat

There are other kinds of boats to work on besides yachts and cruise ships. There is seasonal work with whitewater raft guiding, river kayaking and sea kayaking, dinner cruises, whale watching cruises, swamp boat tours (airboats), and much more. This section of the site provides more information on seasonal boat work.
Working on a boat

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Work on yachts in Florida

Thanks for your answer!

I'd be very thankfull for all informations about working on yachts. Actually me and my friend would like to work on one just to pay our living expenses in US. We weren't thinking about any trips around, but you never know ;) So is it easy to find work in Fort Lauderdale? Every day? Is there any web page or agency or anything else? .... how did others find it? Any other advice?

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Questions about working on boats

I often get email asking me questions about how to get a job on a boat. One question that is often asked is how do I get a job on a boat?

If you are located in the USA, there is often a lot of work in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Accommodation at a crew house in Fort Lauderdale costs about $130 per week. Yacht captains will often come to the crew houses searching for workers, offering $10 to $15 per hour for day work. This is a great opportunity to get your first experience working on luxury yachts. The best time to go to Fort Lauderdale is a couple of weeks before the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show because the boats are preparing for the show and there is a lot of work at that time.

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