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Manado to Malaysia

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It was difficult to leave Indonesia behind in more ways than one. Firstly there was a large overland trail across Sulawesi that turned out to be a major undertaking as the photo to the left shows. Once in Kalimantan I made my way by boat across Borneo to Sabah.
Malaysian Borneo was a culture shock, and still I feel it now, one month later.
Malaysia is much more developed than Indonesia and much more setup for tourism.
This makes seeing attractions easy. Which is great for spotting wildlife. However the adventure component of Borneo has now gone. That’s not to say im not captivated by the country and people. Its just a different style of travel has started, that will continue until I reach Rural China, some considerable time away.
Its been nice to finally capture some of the images I have been seeing under the water with a new canon PowerShot A570 IS to complement my EOS 400D.
I am enjoying the Malaysian food and the nightlife and it should be a great Christmas and new year In Sarawak.
No surprises this year, promise!