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Jac of trades....

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Where am I

What am I doing
Weekly Chartering on a 20m Turkish Style wooden Yacht

Mostly French, then Italian, then finally American/Australian.

End of Season

To get my Yachtmaster Licence then look for summer work in the Caribeen. Or anywhere where there is work, sun and sea.

About myself
I am a certified RYA Day Skipper with a course in Electronic Engineering, plus knowledge of Advanced first Aid and also with great cooking & hosting experience. I'm looking for professional paid work on a sailing yacht (preferably) or a motor yacht. I am now currently working on an 20m Turkish Style Kiakie in the Kyklades of the Aegean, Greece. Doing charter since April, after the season finishs in September, I am in interested in working in the carebean but anywhere will do.
Kind regards

Jac (Joshua Cook)
+351 969 963893 Portugal
+30 697 094 7133 Greece


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The Winter is coming and so to is the season....

What to do now....

Well the owner would be closing down and go into hybernation for the season. So that would leave me free as dolphins the sail the high oceans....
If anyone has anything available....Looking to work. Finishing on the 8th of October... So if anyone needs a delivery.. I will be your man. Better still if anyone needs an excellent Cook and Day Skipper. . . Need I say more...
My cv is on request.

And old whaler told me there is a cure for sea sickness
"Sit under a tree"

Jac (Joshua Cook)
+351 969 963893

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I work in a yacht broker agency and sometimes have request for crew, so if you're still looking for a job you can send me your cv and references by email. What's your current location?
Hope you're ok. Carol.