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Experienced Deckhand available now in SE Asia with language and medical skills

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22-year-old male American deckhand available now in SE Asia. Currently residing in Taiwan, but can travel within the region to meet you (HK, Singapore, etc.). Certifications: US Sailing, PADI (scuba diving), CPR, wilderness first-aid, advanced first-aid. Graduate of the Pamlico Sea-Base (NC). Also have experience working in a hospital. Languages: English, Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, French, and some Wolof. Extensive international experience: N. and Central America, W. Africa, E. Asia, and the S. Pacific. Extensive experience in wilderness and high-stakes settings: skydiving, big-mountain skiing, surfing, mountaineering, solo treks through remote regions, etc; no-nonsense approach to safety. Handle pressure well both alone and as part of a team. In excellent physical shape. Graduated PBK from top American university. Non-smoker. Can cook.

I am looking to join a crew departing SE Asia for any destination and for any length of time. Willing to scrub, clean, cook, etc. to get free passage. Ideally, would have some opportunities to surf and scuba dive en route, but number one priority is gaining open-ocean experience and improving my skills. Please contact me if you have a position available that I may be able to fill or if you would like a complete resume/CV:

Qualifications: Sailing experience (several weeks of near-coastal on 26 ft. boat + years of windsurfing and small boat sailing), sailing certification (US Sailing), medical skills and certifications, 5 languages, can cook, hardworking and serious about learning more