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Another Job Scam

Warning, it appears that a new jobs scam is going around yacht job websites.

Yacht Jobs SCAM? Acqua Guide Hotel in Maryland -- or Nigeria?

SCAM WARNING: Beware of job offers from "". The supposed address is Acqua Guide Hotel, 6 Dock St Annapolis, MD 21401, USA.

That is the address of the Annapolis Yacht Company, not a hotel.

The website says "Beware of SCAM, e-mails apart from the recommended should be ignored (," but that is part of the scam.

A quick search of who owns the website shows that the owner is located in Nigeria to a Olayemi Balogun:

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[SCAM WARNING] Miller Recruitment Sailing Company

Some of the yacht crew scammers are running scams as the "Miller Recruitment Sailing Company" in London, United Kingdom, or sometimes at "6 King Street New York, NY 10014 in United States."

Sunborn Yachts, SCAM ALERT

If someone emails you offering you a job from "Sunborn Yachts" or "Sunborn Yacht Hotel" and mentions anything involving Western Union, or your having to pay for travel & visa fees, it's probably a scam.

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How to Avoid Yacht Crew Scammers

There have been attempts to scam yacht crew lately. A similar scam is running on several of the major yacht crew sites. Here is an example of a scam email:


My name is Capt. Ron Darrick, 32 Years Old from United State. I
work with PRINCESS MARIANA - Luxury Motor Yacht in United State.We are
seeking applicants to work on the new year-round United State flagged
Passenger ship.
Its a private own yacht,The monthly salary will be 3,200 Dollar
every three weeks,
accommodation will be provided by the company.
Hope to hear from you soonest
Best Regards Capt. Ron Darrick

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