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Commercially certified Chief Mate is looking for a Mate's position on a motor yacht of any size

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My name is Vladimir Nikolov from Bulgaria and I hold a MCA Ch.Mate Unlimited Certificate. I have 1 year
background as a First Officer in the yachting industry and 6 years in the merchant navy as Deck Officer/OOW,so I have a solid background in ISM and ISPS code procedures and over 130000 nm in watchkeeping role.
Totally 6 weeks charters in Caribbean and about 15 weeks in Med,plus 2 months owner on board. Very busy Maintenance of the exterior on a high level,very good knowledge of products, watchkeeping,passage planning,driving the tender,watersports and maintenance of all water toys, crane operations, getting allongside and tieing the lines securely. In charge of the safety and security of the boat, all of the firefighting equipment and life saving appliances.
I work well in a team and I am an efficient worker who likes to see a job done well. I get on well with people and handle stressful situations with a positive sense of humour.The exact words that describe my person are honour, discipline and hard work. I believe that a man can do everything, if he has a strong will.My Chief Mate Unlimited Certificate which is
commercially endorsed is a proof of my good knowledge of ships, Navigation,chart and nauitcal publication corrections, SOLAS, MARPOL, ISPS, ISM Code, Fire Fighting and Life Saving Appliances.All these knowledges combining with my personal features - honour,hard worker,discipline,decisiveness and good team work make myself an appropriate candidate.

Kind Regards

Vladimir Nikolov

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