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Traveling to Australia?

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Hoping to get to Australia eventually, but any experience of travel can not be passed up. Looking for any type of work on any type of vessel.


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just wondering if you found

just wondering if you found a way to travel to australia by working on a boat? i would love to hear details if it worked out

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No luck so far unfortunately. I haven't had any hits whatsoever on this site. I take it you are also searching for cheap travel? What methods have you employed?

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hey guys, I was wondering if

hey guys,
I was wondering if may have heard anything about working on a boat -in- australia .
maybe you can point me somewhere, maybe an agency that is actually located there.
i will be there in 3 month or so and I am really hoping for an opportunity.

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I have had no leads for information on crewing in Australia. I was mainly trying to figure out an interesting way to get down under and since I had no responses I just went ahead and bought a ticket. I am most likely going to visit the marinas when I get there and see what happens. I am sorry I don't have any useful info. Good Luck!

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thanks anyhow

i can deffenetly understand.
actually if you are interrested in working on expeditions boats and cruises, i could maybe help you.
good luck in australia, who knows maybe we will stumble across each other some day in the continent.