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Happy girl from Finland looking for a job on a boat( everywhere in the world)

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Happy girl from finland looking for a job on a boat:)

My name is Pilvi Mutka.I am 30 years old and i come from Finland.
Following my training as a Retail Sales Woman,which i succesfully completed in July 2005, i have been working as a Branch Manager for a fashion shops in Hannover/Germany and Finland.
I am currently seeking to make a professional change and a carees in publishing has always appealed to me imensely.I believe that my hitherto professional capabilities and experience both correspond to the post of service and security by your team and would therefore consider myself to be a suitable candidate for differentkind of positions with all service and travelwork.
I have very doo knowledge of different cultures/religion everywhere in the world and i passionately serve customers.I have a retail background of over 6 years.I am friendly, highly motivated and full of joy.Positive attitude to work and life make me confident.
After my training as a Retail Sales Assistant, i,ve been working already as a Branch Manager at company/Germany and my responsibilities were:Organisation, Sale, Personal Planning and the Decorations.
I enjoy new challenges and i provite a high level of building relationships quickly with colleagues and customers and I am sort of person who fits into teams.
I am very interested to see different kind of countries an explore their culture.I have always had a strong interest in languages and foreign cultures and posses a high level of Finnish,German,English and a basic knowledge of Swedish.The last 2 years ill ebbn travelling around Asia(live in the jungle malaysia),Thailand,Nz and work now in Australia as a pr-assistant for a artist from Japan.
I am very happy person and love to smile and make the people around me happy!

I wish to join your team as soon as impossible.I hope my application will be seriously considered and look forwar to hearing from you in the near Future.

Pilvi Marika Mutka


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Hey what's up Finland?? I don't have a job for you but just saying HI from Estonia. I'm doing the same as you...David