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Have you ever wanted to work on a yacht? Get paid to sail around the world? Get a cruise ship job? This site is a growing resource of links and information about working on boats!
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Professional Steward

My name is Ivyalo Marinov. I am from Bulgaria, Varna

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Environmental day trip based in Greek islands needs skipper / guide for summer 2008

We run day trips based from the greek island of Kefalonia on a traditional wooden boat.

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Looking for work from anytime between May 24th 2008 - Aug 1, 2009 on a sailboat

I want to work on a sailboat doing whatever is available.

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Fluent French/English California Grad

Fresh college grad looking for a summer job!

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Hemingway did it, I want to do it again.

I set out on adventurous travels about three years ago. Backpacking solo through India, Serbia, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, Italy and France. My time has come once more.

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I will be in Panama in April and May and I would like to find work on a boat to return to Mexico or the US. I could leave from Costa Rica also.

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Looking for a Stewardess or a Chief Stewarderss Job


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Headed north up the ICW

Need one or more congenial crew, male or female. Mainly you just need to know a few knots. I cook, but you can too. This is not much of a paying job. But the experience and adventure . . .

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Looking for work out of Costa Rica

2 people living in costa rica, looking to work on a boat in exchange for a ride down to south america or another favorable destination. Both have experience on boats, fast learners.

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Sailing in MARCH (Maldives/Africa/Med with 2 crew)

Calling all adventurous spirits!

My boyfriend and I are sailing from the Maldives to East Africa (Djibouti), through the Red Sea, Suez canal and into the Med (I arrive in the Maldives on 24th Feb and we intend to leave on 7th March). We are looking for 2 people to share some/all of the journey with us...

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