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Have you ever wanted to work on a yacht? Get paid to sail around the world? Get a cruise ship job? This site is a growing resource of links and information about working on boats!
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hard working deck hand is looking for a job

A non-smoker, single, hard working, ambitious, enthusiastic, excellent time keeper , well organised and good team member.

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Seeking employment

Hello I am interested in getting started in the yachting industry and am willing to do day work, part time employment, on-call work anything to aquire as much experience onboard to start a new career

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French Australian Host / Barman - Available Oct -> Caribbean

Hi there, if anyone is looking for crew starting in October in the Caribbean region - please refer to my profile. Thank you

Avoid Scams

There have been a few recent attempts by a scammer to get yacht crew job seekers to send money to Ghana. We personally look at every new user who signs up for this site, but occasionally one gets through before we can stop them (we delete those users when we find them). Sometimes the scammer bypasses the site completely and sends direct emails to people who have posted their email publicly.

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Looking to travel the world

22yr old ex-military looking to travel the world and work on a yacht or learn to sail. Very professional, yet love to have fun and make people laugh.

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Dreams of Sailing

Beautiful sailing photos:

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Get Featured in a New Book About Yacht Crew!

Would you like to be featured in a new and upcoming book? is publishing a book about people who work on yachts/cruiseships/sailboats!

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Traveling to Australia?

Hoping to get to Australia eventually, but any experience of travel can not be passed up. Looking for any type of work on any type of vessel.

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Need Crew?

I am looking to work on any kind of boat!

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