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Sarawak to The Philippines

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Despite the long time between posting, I have done relatively little.

I made a journey across Sarawak, to spend Christmas in an Iban Diak Longhouse, which was a real blast. People were super friendly and there was excessive drinking going on for days. Another trip across Brunei, and I found myself in KK for New Year. I then made a visit to a couple of national parks in Sabah before deciding it was time to sign up for a dive master course. Semporna looked like the place to spend a couple of months, and the diving surly was out of this world. After I completed my dive master I ventured to a couple more national parks in Sabah. Kinabatang river was particularly good, with plenty of animals round every corner.
The boat to Philippines was an interesting one, with no other tourists in sight I surely was off the trail again. On arrival the military were very friendly and gave me a "safe lift into town". I’m really enjoying Philippines so far. Its like a bit a Latin America in south east Asia.

Now I am seeking a boat of any sort to get passage to China, HK, Korea or Japan