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Looking for a Stewardess or a Chief Stewarderss Job

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I’m ambitious, responsible, with excellent team and communication skills, energetic, eager to travel, having strife for personal and career growth. I’m a hard worker and an essential team player that gets along with everyone.I’m confident that I have the experience, enthusiasm and ability to successfully fill this position..
My education and work experience can add value to your team and will be fully utilized.
My skills and abilities include:
-Practical skills to work on PC
-Superior communication and people skills
-Skills to memorizing things
-Well – organized and highly efficient working in the dynamic environment
-Ability to plan, organize and execute my work
-Ability to follow instructions
-Exceptional versatility and adaptability

I’m looking forward to meeting you and learning more about your company and the challenges of the position you advertise.
Yours truly,

Zhivka Fileva