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Yacht Jobs

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hard working deck hand is looking for a job

A non-smoker, single, hard working, ambitious, enthusiastic, excellent time keeper , well organised and good team member.

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I'm Your Man

I am looking to experience new cultures.

I will do almost anything that is needed to achieve result of a high standard.

Please contact me to find out more

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Free Yachting Blogs

Did you know that if you register for that you get a free blog?

Just go to (substituting your actual user name) and you will find your blog. If you are logged in, you can go to this page to add a new blog entry.


If has helped you find a yacht job, send us an email and we'll post it to this page. Thanks to everyone for their continued support. We have over 100 registered users already!

"I've left Fort Lauderdale and living on an 100ft sailing boat in Miami, whos headed down the caribbean in 2 weeks. Thanks for all your help, i think ill stay in central america and continue travelling.... It was at the boat show i met some captains and landed this gig, ive been lucky really, having been exposed to this industry...i got some funny stories to tell." — Melanie from Australia

How to Find a Yacht Chef Job

I found an interesting article called Life as a Charter Yacht Chef. It gives a good introduction to finding a job on a yacht as a chef.

"What's it pay? In the charter yacht business the pay scale is extremely variable, depending mostly on your prior experience and the size and type of yacht. Those with previous yacht experience, good references and working on a successful charter boat can expect to make as much as $8,000 - $12,000 a month (including tips) plus room, meals and transportation to and from the yacht, over a five month season."

You can read the full article here.

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Yacht Jobs Web Site:

There is a new site for yacht crew called that lets you sign up for yacht day work jobs.

I haven't tried the site, but it's another resource to research if you are looking for yacht jobs in Antibes.

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