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Sailing in MARCH (Maldives/Africa/Med with 2 crew)

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Calling all adventurous spirits!

My boyfriend and I are sailing from the Maldives to East Africa (Djibouti), through the Red Sea, Suez canal and into the Med (I arrive in the Maldives on 24th Feb and we intend to leave on 7th March). We are looking for 2 people to share some/all of the journey with us...

We have a lovely, homely 40ft steel sailing boat (cutter) - please visit to see Stef's blog if you're interested in more info (please note this is v. informal blog for friends).

We're pretty easy-going people (German 34yo and English 27yo). He has alot of sailing experience, all relevant licenses, his masters was in mechanical engineering, he's an ex-lifeguard, etc (so we're in safe hands!) but I'm still a bit of a novice, so everything's new to me ...I am an activity first aider, but hopefully nobody will ever need any of my services :).

We're rubbish at fishing (perhaps that's also something you could help us out with if you came?) but enjoy meeting new people, having adventures, talking, reading, cooking, music, diving, (he surfs), etc. No drugs, not much alcohol (just the odd bottle of wine) and a healthy addiction to star-gazing and discussing the next hairbrain scheme...We're looking for another couple to join us to divide up the nightshifts and split costs and duties. Idea is for all living costs (food, port fees, fuel) to be split equally (tops $15 pd, hopefully less!).

Anyway, one step at a time - before I go on and on, please let me know if you're interested and have questions, etc.
chloecs80 AT

Thanks, Take care,


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Hello CHloe, I am Matilda,

Hello CHloe,

I am Matilda, (french new zealander, 24).
My boyfriend and I would be interested to sail with you next March and help you on board.

We are now in New Zealand working for the summer really want to find some adventure on a sailing boat after our work. I hve some experience sailing, just came back from 1 month in Indonesia. My boyfirend Jorge, 25 years old, is spanish and he is a sport teacher.
We both love the ocean, fishing and surfing. Enjoy travelling and meeting new people!! Friendly and out going, we would love to know more about your trip and maybe help you sail to Africa.

Please contact me,