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Yacht Stewardess

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I am a 26 years old stewardess, who, for the last couple of years have been in the yachting industry. I’ve enjoyed this experience, beeing part of a team,
making the guests feel comfortable and last, but not least, i've enjoyed sailing. I have adapted to working long hours and handled the stressful situations with a positive sense of humour. I am a very honest and polite person, with good personal skills. I am looking forward to work in a professional environment and bring full success and satisfaction to the owners and guests on board of the vessel.


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Do you know of any companys that are hiring yacht Captains?...Im new to this field...I been in the oilfield for 10 yrs. Having trouble finding companys....Thanks, Rusty.

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(need crew) Hello , iam hana from meesaegypt company for yachts, we are the agent of the most biggest yacht companies of yacht , so if you want to work as a CREW so kindly send me your cv as soon as possible to [email protected] . thanks for your time

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hello maria

So nice to see your blog.It is really professional and enthusiastic version of the feelings you have shared into your blog.I am really new to this blog and site. I have just log in to it.
As I saw you have been indulged into yatching industry for some years I just wanted to share with you about this industries bcoz I am really desiring to get into this world. I have already worked in big ship in europe in bar department as a bartender. I have seen many yathces crossing by while I was in south europe .I have made my dream to work but I really dont how to get into it.I wish you very good luck for your upcoming career in yatching industry.I am really feeling proud myself to share with professional and energetic personality like yours. Hope to be in touch.
Actually where you from?
raz dc

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please can you help me?i`m 25

please can you help me?i`m 25 waitress and i wish to start working on the yacht.what do i need to do?

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Yacht Steward looking for yacht

I am a 43 y.o.service experience in the catering industry 12 years.Last contract I worked for Variety Cruises,m/y Harmony G.
Job responsibilitis
-guest service-meals and bartending,
-cabin service and detailing
-assist with lines and fenders on deck.
Job skills
-service with a smile,
-attention to detail
[email protected]